For your information, here are several of our local mortgage lenders.

Genisys Morgage Professionals
Contact:  Robert Yates  231-779-9817

Cross Country Mortgage
Contact: Dan Fuller 734-282-4088

Riverbank Finance
Contact: Chad Rossiter 800-555-2098 ext 6

Veteran's First Mortgage
Contact:  Arthur Niemann
office - 801-493-6471
cell - 801-541-1466

Caliber Home Loans  (mobile home loans)
Contact:  Kirby Slocum
cell - 231-709-3136

Any of these people are waiting to help you make your dream of home ownership a reality!
Jeff Fitch
Jeff Fitch
Laura Grezner
218 S. Cedar St. PO Box 340 Kalkaska MI 49646